What People Say

Maya enjoyed the most wonderful year at All Saints before heading off to school. The care she had was exceptional - she really didn't want to leave - and is rather jealous of her younger sister who has now started there!

The staff are incredible - caring, fun and approachable. They invest in every single child, helping them to develop and grow according to their own specific needs and abilities. All Saints is a very special place offering an early years experience that is hard to beat. 

Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of Q. Her time with you has been full of happiness. She has progressed in so many areas and that’s thanks to your dedicated care and love.

Thank you so very much for being just fabulous. You have blown my mind with your creativity and kindness. We are going to miss you so much.

E has loved every minute at All Saints and we have loved seeing her develop through the amazing experiences and support you provide for all the children.

Thank you for letting me be little, for filling my heart with laughter. You have all helped me to grow wings and have nurtured my sense of wonder. You have inspired me to believe and shown me love. Thank you, more than you will ever know.

We can't thank you nearly enough for creating such a magical place for our children.

All Saints Nursery is a very special place, a very special family.

I would like to say that All Saints Nursery has an amazing way of making you feel your child is the only child in the nursery. My daughter’s nursery days were her foundation to the rest of her education and I believe she had the best start at All Saints.

The staff have an amazing talent of knowing where a lost twig went, where the piece of tiny special paper went, how to distract that imminent melt down. The support they give parents cannot be quantified.

I personally felt this as my daughter’s older sibling has Cerebral Palsy and during a time when he was taken poorly and went to Hospital, my daughter then became unsettled at the nursery. The nursery worked with me to ease her back in where she found separation from me a problem they went that extra mile for her.

She will always remember her All Saints days they were the best!  This is an better than outstanding nursery and all children starting their early years here are very fortunate.

My daughter absolutely loved All Saints and still talks about the fun times she had there. She did so many exciting things like watching chicks hatch, searching for dinosaurs, having tea with the king, teddy bears picnics, role playing and playing in a fantastic outside area with her friends.

For the academic year commencing September 2013 my daughter attended All Saints Nursery, and for that I am grateful.  I had removed her from another local nursery and so feel able to make a direct comparison regarding when a nursery team work on behalf of a child and when they work strictly for profits.

All Saints promotes an ethos of learning and respect for others that is encompassed in an environment that provides an abundance of joyful experiences. That joy filters through to the family not just for the children attending the nursery.

My regret is that my daughter only experienced one year in such a magical environment.  All the staff are knowledgeable and caring, often going way beyond their call of duty.

If anyone is looking for the template for how a nursery should and could be run, please look no further than All Saints, Whitstable.

Each of my children spent two years at All Saints Nursery and I can honestly say that the nursery and its staff were a crucial part of their development into balanced pre-schoolers who knew how to have fun, how to behave with respect for others and how to be confident in themselves.

The team at All Saints consists of experienced, warm individuals who love their job. The patience they display with the children is admirable and the activities available to the children are stimulating and varied. The experiences they had were above and beyond what I would expect a nursery to provide. I always felt that my children were safe and happy, and this is absolutely down to the commitment and energy of the staff.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this nursery wholeheartedly and I would like to thank the staff for all they have done for my children.

My son started at all saints in September 2013, and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder the week after he started. I have nothing but praise for the nursery and all the staff as they were amazing.

They went above and beyond in helping and assisting him in day to day life at nursery and ensured provisions were in place such as visual aids and time tables (his vocabulary was limited to approx 50 words). His key worker was fantastic and built a great relationship with him, the nursery really helped with his social development. We noticed a major change in him within the first term and this progressed month by month.

The staff at All Saints are fabulous and I cannot fault them for anything, the setting itself is brilliant and very welcoming for all. It’s just a shame that he had to leave for school, he misses All Saints as do I.  If it wasn’t for the wonderful work that All Saints have done with him who knows how things would have turned out.

We were very lucky to get a space at such short notice, and cannot thank them enough for making his time at nursery enjoyable and exciting. All the staff are very approachable and very understanding and were always there when you needed them.

My son started nursery for the first time at All Saints Nursery in 2013. Being new to the area there were a lot of changes for my son to deal with. He settled really well into All Saints from the beginning thanks to the great staff and particularly his two key workers.

They went out of their way to welcome him and if he ever had a ‘wobbly’ moment (i.e. crying) they were very professional with helping with this situation while looking after him with such care. His key worker called me at home to assure me everything was ok and that he had settled on these occasions.

He felt completely at home in All Saints and was so happy to be there playing and learning with his new friends both adults and children.  The facilities and the environment are excellent also.

I have some experience of other nurseries and what struck me about All Saints Nursery was not only were the staff very motivated and professional, they genuinely did care about every child and their outcome.

Even on a cold rainy February morning they would always have a smile for every child in their care which to me sets them apart to any other nursery.