Our Daily Routine

09.00:Welcome and free choice of activity
09.45:Activities, Snack, Outdoor play
11.25:5 minute finishing up time
11.30:Small group time with key person
11.45:Tidy up time
12.00:Time to go home

The Nursery is set out at the beginning of the session to offer a range of interesting activities, parents settle their child to an activity of their choice and their key person will be on hand to greet the child and offer support if needed.

Please don’t worry if your key person is absent or unavailable for any reason, all the staff know the children well, have warm relationships with them and we work very closely as a team.

Our snack bar is a very popular area and we offer a wide choice of healthy snacks, including fresh fruit, bread sticks, crackers, rice cakes, dried fruit, cereal and toast. A member of staff is present at all times to help, but we encourage the children to be as independent as possible in their choices and also in pouring their own drinks and cutting fruit or buttering toast. This is also a wonderful social opportunity for children to sit, talk and eat together. There is a list put up in the foyer each week, and we welcome contributions of either an item of food from the list or a small monetary contribution from parents to minimise costs and maximise choice.

After a short period inside, children are free to choose to play inside or outside in our large garden.

Towards the end of the morning we have a small group session. During this time the children meet together in their key groups. This is a time to share news and talk about any special events or activities. This is a mixed age group and the older children are very caring towards the new children in their group and help them to learn the routine and where to access resources.

This is also a good way for new children to learn the names of other children in their group and to feel safe and secure with familiar people. Key workers may also use this time to explore a particular topic of interest or key learning experience with their group.

Afternoon Sessions

12.00:Children play outside for a short period before lunch. If your child is attending the pm session you can opt for them to start at 12(instead of 12.30) for a small extra charge. Some children find it easier to come in for a quick play before settling down for lunch.
12.30:Children wash their hands and we all eat lunch together in the cabin.
13.15:We have a quick group time to talk about the theme of the week or which activities are on offer for the pm session.
13.20: The children can choose outside or indoor activities.
14.45: Tidy up time.
15.00: Key group time.
15.20: We all go over to the cabin to have end of day singing, stories or other activities.
With the older children we have a whole group activity which varies throughout the week from lively music and movement to stories and drama, parachute games, write dance (a very active way to learn early writing skills), singing and signing and with the older age group French songs and phrases and early phonics activities.
15.30: Home time.